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Membership Is Only $150 Annually for Over 70 Channels

Since its founding, Selective TV has been and will always be a local non-profit corporation that depends on the voluntary contributions that our members contribute. As a member/contributor you can be confident that your contributions pay the bills that keep Selective TV operating and that the Selective TV board of directors are committed to finding ways to keep the operating budge as low as possible while also providing reliable service now and into the future.

As a member you also have a vote on who is on the board of directors and many other decisions that affect Selective TV.

Bear in mind that Selective TV is a local, nonprofit organization. Our operating costs are covered solely by affiliate fees and sustaining viewer contributions. There are no government subsidies or other revenue streams.

You count on Selective TV, it's counting on you!

Contributions can also be mailed to us at 2308 S Broadway St #2 Alexandria, Minnesota 56308 or dropped off at the Selective TV Inc office during the office hours. We have a drop box located next to our office door, you can use it when the office is closed.