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Antenna Installation and Reception Assistance

Selective TV does not sell or install antennas but we can refer you to local antenna experts. Just call the office at (320) 763-5924 and we will get you pointed in the right direction.

There are many types of UHF antennas. Interior antennas can work in some situations however an exterior antenna is most often the best choice. Choosing the right antenna, putting it in the right place, and pointing it in the right direction are very important. Because antenna technology has changed over the years, and every location is unique, Selective TV recommends that you have a professional install your antenna. However you can do your own installation making sure the antenna you purchase is the right one for your location. Do not be mislead by extravagant claims made by sellers you may see in television commercials or on the internet. Having it done right the first time can save you time and money in the long run. The good news is that purchasing and installing your antenna is a one time expense that will pay for itself very quickly when you choose over the air television from Selective TV. Remember that Selective TV is able to exist only thru the voluntary financial support of those who use this service. If Selective TV did not exist there would be no point in having an antenna. For more information on antenna installation you can contact the Selective TV office or you can contact one of the antenna sales and installation professionals listed below.

Tom Hayes   320-766-8664

Dan Hovel    320-491-0665

Blue Collar Bobs   320-762-0110

Cullens Home Center   320-762-1249

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